Coiled Tubing Unit-40C


The units are designed for repair work and technological operations on oil, gas and gas condensate wells using coil tubing pipes.


 Chassis:     ИВЕКО-АМТ-833944
 Depth of descent of the coil tubing pipe, m:    Ø 44,45 мм

Ø 50,8 мм

Ø 60,3 мм

 6 100

 5 100

 3 000

 Maximum traction force of the feed mechanism, tf    36
 Wellhead equipment: preventer / dock seal, MPa    70
 Maximum working pressure of the manifold, MPa    70
 Load moment of the equipment installer, tm, not less than    32
 Full weight, kg, not more than    68 000
 Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:  Length
 16 500
 2 550 
 4 500